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Galaxy Quest



Galaxy Quest
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Galaxy Quest is a lively, laughable comedy that makes fun of sci-fi films and television shows. In fact, Galaxy Quest is basically a parody of the Star Trek hype.

Tim Allen is Jason Nesmith, an actor who previously starred on the TV show Galaxy Quest. Sigourney Weaver (real life star of the Alien movies) plays Gwen, one of several costars who resent Jason because he gets all the attention. The show has been off the air for years, and apparently none of the actors have had any significant work since then. So, they open stores and sign autographs at Galaxy Quest conventions. (The conventions are obviously based on Star Trek conventions.)

Then, real aliens come to Earth, requesting Jason's help in defeating their evil enemy. Aware that his former cast members feel left out, Jason invites them along for the trip. Of course, he thinks they're just going to do a show for publicity! But it doesn't take long for everyone to figure out that their new friends are real aliens.

Okay, so Galaxy Quest features unrealistic, silly-looking special effects. But remember, it is a parody, not a real sci-fi film - the important thing is that Galaxy Quest is hilarious, and the characters themselves are realistic (who doesn't know a ham who hogs all the credit?). The idea of real aliens asking actors for intergalactic war strategies is quite original and amusing. And the entire cast was terrific!

Since Galaxy Quest certainly pokes fun at Star Trek conventions and fans, I just wonder how all those "trekkies" will react to this film. A recent documentary Trekkies, a film about all the seriously devoted Star Trek fans - portrayed the "Trekkies" as more than a little obsessive about Star Trek. I always thought Trekkies got a little carried away, so I found Galaxy Quest not only funny, but realistic, as well.

My Rating = Three Stars

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