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Funny Lady



Funny Lady
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Funny Lady is a mediocre sequel to Funny Girl.

Once again, Barbra Streisand stars as Fanny Bryce, the comic and singer who made it big in Funny Girl. This time around, she's just been served divorce papers by her husband, whom you were led to believe she was resolving things with in the last film. Meanwhile, the stock market crash has left her less than rich, so she decides to do a new show. She does this with the help of a songwriter/producer who screws thing up and "overproduces" the show.

In other words, opening night is a disaster. And, oh yeah, Fanny is sort of falling for this idiot. Or will she forget him and get back together with her now estranged husband?

The music made this movie - it was fantastic - plus there were some notable comical scenes. Yet, the plot was extremely evident. I saw the end coming from the beginning! (I hate it when that happens.) I don't know which movie was better - they're fairly comparable, and actually Funny Lady just seems like a slightly different version of the first movie.

My Rating = Two Stars

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