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Funny Girl



Funny Girl
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Although Funny Girl wasn't quite as satisfying a musical as Evita, it does provide a fair share of amusement.

Barbra Streisand, who has a remarkable voice with a rather annoying Bronx accent, stars as a young woman who wants to be a Broadway star. Unfortunately, she's not as beautiful as most of the Broadway singers, but she manages to get a few parts and works her way up the ladder. After a while, she becomes a successful comic as well as a singer.

Meanwhile, she carries on an on-again off-again relationship with a compulsive gambler and drifter. When she eventually marries him, it's pretty obvious that the honeymoon's going to be over extraordinarily fast. Before you know it, he's lost all his money, they have to sell their house, and she's not happy.

What can I say, I saw it coming. This is sort of like watching a soap opera - when you know what's going to happen and you just want to smack the characters for being so inept. Still, that's what makes soap operas more addictive than cancer sticks or coffee. It's kind of fun saying "I told you so" - even if it is just to a TV screen.

And I did enjoy the music and comedy in Funny Girl, even if Streisand's accent grates on your ears a little at times.

My Rating = Three Stars

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