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Full Moon Over Blue River



Full Moon Over Blue River
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Full Moon in Blue Water is a slow soap opera of a movie starring Gene Hackman and Teri Garr.

Hackman plays an island restaurant owner whose wife was assumed dead after a boating accident, although her body was never found. Clinging to the hope that she's alive, he watches old home movies over and over, and takes care of her elderly father. He has hired a former mental patient to help him with the latter part - now that's a smart move - but can't pay him often because the business is failing. Meanwhile, he carries on a romance with Louise (Garr).

After thirty minutes or so into the movie, it becomes apparent that virtually nothing has happened. By the time it ended, the stagnated plot still won't grab your attention and sleep won't be far away. Although the acting is fine, Full Moon Over Blue River dragged on way too long, and essentially very little transpired with these two dimensional characters.

My Rating = Two Stars

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