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The Fugitive



The Fugitive
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Having recently seen The Fugitive's sequel, U.S. Marshals, (and to see U.S. Marshals is to hate it), I was surprisingly impressed by the original movie.

Harrison Ford is wealthy Dr. Richard Kimble, wrongly accused of murdering his wife. Sentenced to death, he is transported to a new jail cell with several real murderers - by bus. When one of them tries to escape, the bus crashes and burns, but Ford makes it out alive, and saves several other people. Seeing his own chance to escape, he makes a run for it, doing an impeccably good job of eluding authorities.

Which is where Tommy Lee Jones comes in, playing Sam Gerard, the U.S. Marshal who never changes his expression. Not that this isn't entertaining - just the idea of Tommy Lee Jones smiling is almost incomprehensible. Still, he manages to do a pretty good acting job, without even using his facial muscles. Amazing.

Both Ford's and Jones' strong performances made this movie highly entertaining.

My Rating = Three Stars

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