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Jack Frost



Jack Frost
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For the first thirty minutes, Jack Frost was almost a decent movie. Michael Keaton plays Jack Frost, a musician who constantly forsakes quality time with his son in order to chase pipe dreams of becoming a famous singer. The last straw comes when he gives up the better part of a Christmas vacation to meet with an important record producer. Although he decides to turn around and forget seeing the producer so he can spend Christmas with his family after all, he is killed in a car wreck on the way back.

The movie advances a year in time, to the following Christmas. (This is where the movie becomes irritatingly ridiculous.) Jack reappears in his son's life, as a snowman. That's right, it's a walking, talking, SNOWMAN.

My problem is that I just couldn't get over the premise of a live snowman. If Jack had come back in some other way, I might have been able to go for it. If he had been reincarnated; if he had appeared as a ghost, as in the movie Ghost Dad; if he had possessed someone else's body; any of those would have been acceptable. But a snowman? A completely inanimate object? I don't think so. Maybe young children will go for that, but I wouldn't recommend this film for anyone else.

My Rating = Two Stars

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