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The Frighteners



The Frighteners
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This is what I love about reviewing movies: getting to view admirable films like The Frighteners.

Michael J.Fox plays Frank Bannister, a psychic investigator, on the trail of an amoral apparition. Lucy, a woman whose husband was recently claimed by the specter aids Bannister (meanwhile falling in love with him, only a couple days after her husband's death). Along the way, they run into the psychotic and emotionally disturbed ex- girlfriend of a murderer who "fried" thirty years ago.

Several amusing, if not frightening, scenes occur, including one where the ghost of Lucy's husband has dinner with Lucy (who can't see him) and Frank (who can). Lucy means to employ Frank's "talent" as a go-between for herself and her husband; Frank makes sure they both wind up mad at each other. It is quite amusing when Lucy's husband calls her several names, which she can't hear, then tells Frank not to tell her he lost their money in a bad investment (which Frank promptly does reveal to Lucy).

The special effects were serviceable, the acting excellent, and the plot - well, I can't say the plot was exactly the most innovative thing I've ever seen, but the script was well- written.

My Rating = Four Stars

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