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Four Weddings and a Funeral



Four Weddings and a Funeral
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In Four Weddings and a Funeral attractive, and young, Charles (Hugh Grant) meets Carrie at a wedding and keeps running into her afterwards, and falls in love with her. He is brutally disappointed when she plans to get married - to someone else - and eventually does so. Here's where the plot starts to drag. It took forever for her to get married and break Charles' heart (not that Hugh Grant was hard to look at during this time), but they could have given the moviegoer a break and speeded things up a bit.

Eventually, at the altar to his own marriage to someone else besides Carrie, Charles backs out, changes his mind and ends up with-you-know-who. The movie was amusing at times, but too sluggish at other times to really make it enjoyable.

Hugh Grant did a marvelous performance as Charles, the most sought after male around, and carried the film. Unfortunately , the plot was too weak for even the best of performances to save this movie.

My Rating = Two Stars

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