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Forrest Gump



Forrest Gump
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Forrest Gump is the notoriously stupid yet successful character that so many people enjoy watching. Splendidly portrayed by Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump never fails to be entertaining in his many assorted adventures.

Forrest gets into college mainly because he can run so fast that the football team wants him. He just doesn't know to stop running once the game is won! Later he goes to Vietnam, and, when given a medal by the President proceeds to show him his wound - on his butt, no less! Still later, he becomes a ping pong champion, and even starts a shrimp company for a friend who died in Vietnam. He eventually meets up with the now crippled and bitter lieutenant whose life he saved in the war. Through all this, he never forgets his childhood sweetheart, Jenny, who breezes in and out of life periodically.

This movie deserves kudos for originality, and Tom Hanks' acting is brilliant. This is, in fact, probably Hanks' best movie, and the other actors give magnificent performances as well.

My Rating = Four Stars

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