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Forget Paris



Forget Paris
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Billy Crystal, a wonderful comedian, is almost as comical in Forget Paris as he was in the two side-splitting City Slickers movies (City Slickers and The Legend of Curly's Gold).

Crystal plays Mickey Gordon, a basketball referee who travels to Paris to bury his father. Somehow the airline loses the coffin, but he meets airline executive Ellen (Debra Winger), and falls in love with her. However, he has to return to his job after a few days, but they keep in touch, and eventually he asks her to marry him. To which she responds, "I already am married." That was a surprise!

She decides to divorce her husband and marry Gordon, but isn't very happy in America. She convinces him to quit his job and get hired as a car salesman-which makes her happy, but him miserable.

Mickey's friend narrates the story, as he is telling it to his fiance. The crazy things that happen to Mickey as well as Crystal's usual dry wit combine to make this a facetious movie, and I enjoyed numerous laughs.

My Rating = Three Stars

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