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Forces of Nature



Forces of Nature
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Forces of Nature is a romantic comedy movie starring Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck.

Affleck plays Ben, a jacket-copy writer - who is about a day away from getting married. While on the plane to Georgia, where his elaborate wedding will take place, he meets a rather unusual woman named Sarah. When the plane makes a detour - after nearly crash landing- they join up together and hitch a ride with a drug addict named Vic. Needless to say, they temporarily end up in jail too.

Somehow Ben just can't shake Sarah - and not only do her wild misadventures lead him into big trouble but they lead him away from his from his fiance. Obviously, Ben is attracted to Sarah, but he doesn't want to ditch his fiance just yet either.

Although the end was a little disappointing, Forces of Nature is an amusing movie. Both main actors are excellent, and the plot moved quickly enough that it keeps your interest.

My Rating = Three Stars

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