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This semi-amusing, semi-stupid film will entertain youngsters, but probably holds little entertainment value for those over the age of ten.

Robin Williams is, naturally, the absentminded professor who forgets his own wedding three times. When he accidentally creates flubber - flying rubber - he is on the verge of fame and fortune, which could help save the bankrupt college he works for. But alas, the bad guys show up to steal flubber and make all the money. One of the bad guys even tries to steal the professor's fiancÚ - which isn't hard to do, considering she's been jilted three times!

Williams is his usual wacky self here, although I preferred him in some of his earlier endeavors, such as Mrs. Doubtfire. Flubber held my attention for the first fifteen minutes or so, but after awhile I was just dying to go see Alien: Resurrection again instead. Gentle little kid movies just aren't my thing - I want blood and guts and slime.

My Rating = Two Stars

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