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Fletch Lives



Fletch Lives
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Fletch Lives an entertaining comedy, slows down toward the end.

Fletch(Chevy Chase) is a New York City reporter who inherits his Aunt Belle's New Orleans estate, a rather decrepit old relic that looks like it's about to collapse at any moment. However, someone offers him $250,000 dollars for it - but his lawyer won't say who, and by the next morning, she's dead. Using his reporter's snooping skills, Fletch sets out to discover who killed her, and if it has anything to do with the offer made on his newly inherited property. Soon he's investigating a TV preacher who "saves" people by bilking them out of their money. In one capricious scene, Fletch poses as a guest healer on the show, for a chance to investigate. When he is forced to actually appear on the show, he lies his way out of it with the ease of, say, his host!

Chevy Chase's brand of dry wit and humor proves quite amusing, andFletch Lives is a humorous, silly rental.

My Rating = Two Stars

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