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The Fisher King



The Fisher King
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The Fisher King is a weird movie.

Robin Williams costars as a deranged homeless man who thinks he's a knight of King Arthur's court and that it's his mission to find the Holy Grail. (We later learn that he witnessed his wife senseless death by a mad gunman.) The gunman shot six other people as well because of comments made by a radio host named Jack Lucas (Jeff Bridges). He had been calling Jack and asking for advice, and apparently misconstrued some of Jack's remarks.

Three years later, Jack and Williams' character meet for the first time, and Jack decides to help him to ease his guilt over the incident. With his girlfriend's help, they set Jack up with a woman he's apparently been watching for a year and has fallen in love with. Williams thinks that helping Jack will help him get his own life back together (his career pretty much when down the drain after the shooting incident, naturally).

Williams' acting is incredible - this is a very serious role for him, much like Good Will Hunting, although he certainly wasn't such a mental case in that. Similarly, he is also very funny at times too.

My Rating = Three Stars

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