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The First Wives' Club



The First Wives' Club is an hilarious movie.

The First Wives' Club
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When a close friend kills herself after losing her husband to a younger woman, three divorced, disgruntled, and very middle - aged women decide to wreak revenge on their ex-husbands. Elise Ellis (Goldie Hawn), a movie star, is mad that her husband, who she helped break into the movie business, has stabbed her in the back and left her for a younger woman. Annie's (Diane Keaton) husband actually leaves her for their therapist - also much younger- and Bette Midler's character is left for another younger woman who keeps her skinny figure by being an all too realistic bulimic. (If you ask me, anyone who pigs out then forces herself to barf so she won't get fat deserves a bad stomach flu.) To get back at their husbands, they form the "First Wives' Club", and help each other pay back their ex's. Elise tricks her ex's new girlfriend into believing she is a friend and the new girlfriend drops a few dark secrets - like the fact that she is only sixteen. Elise uses this information to blackmail her husband.

Midler's character finds out from a not-so-saintly, but very religious uncle that her ex, Morty, got started in business suspiciously. The First Wives Club breaks into Morty's apartment and digs up some old books that could get him audited. Proceeding to kidnap Morty, they blackmail him as well.

Last, Annie sends her lesbian daughter to work at her husband's firm to dig up some information that may haunt him, too.

Together, the First Wives Club not only gets back at their husbands, but does some good for humanity, and they have an hysterically, funny time. See the First Wives Club and laugh, laugh, laugh.

My Rating = Four Stars

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