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The Firm



The Firm
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Although the movie versions of stories 'based on books" usually get on my nerves, The Firm is an exception.

. Sexy Tom Cruise portrays Mitch McDeere, a young lawyer barely out of Harvard law school, who's graduating in the top five percent of his class, and therefore is offered a job with literally every law firm around. After carefully considering all his offers, he accepts a job with a Memphis firm that will pay him nearly a hundred thousand dollars his first year, plus lease him a new Mercedes and provide him with a big, fancy house. However, once settled in, he begins having suspicions about the firm, which are later confirmed for him by the FBI: The firm is run by a Mafia family. Mitch can either copy incriminating files for the FBI or later go to jail with his colleagues. If he tries to leave the firm he'll be murdered; if he refuses to help the FBI, his jailbird brother will never get paroled; and, oh yeah, his wife's decided to leave him. Nope, things aren't going too well for Mitch after all.

Naturally, Tom Cruise's acting was superb; all the other performances especially Jeanne Tripplehorn"s and Gene Hackman's were excellent.

Good plot, plus great acting performances make this lengthy but thrilling film a good choice to rent.

My Rating = Three Stars

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