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Firestarter was based on the novel by Stephen King, and was extremely well adapted for the screen.

A very young Drew Barrymore plays Charlie, a little girl with pyrokinetic, telekinetic, and telepathic powers. (Her parents were part of a mad scientist's experiment years earlier and they also developed abilities too.) Charlie, it seems, got the best of both parents and can set things on fire just by looking at them. For this reason, men from the Shop, a secret government agency that apparently does the dirty work for a lot of mad scientists, want Charlie. After they kill her mother and try to kidnap her, Charlie's father uses his mind-controlling powers to make them hand her over. However, they're always on the run now, and you know that sooner or later the Shop will catch up with them. But can they stop Charlie from getting away?

The scenes were well played out and the acting was intense. Aside from setting a lot of fires, this movie doesn't rely heavily on special effects, but has a lot of plot. Watching Firestarter as a movie was almost as much fun as reading the book.

My Rating = Three Stars

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