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Fire Down Below



Fire Down Below
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Fire Down Below did not exactly set my heart on fire.

Seagal is an Invincible Man. At several different points during the movie, he is surrounded by men with guns, yet he knocks them all unconscious and doesn't even mess up his impeccably neat suit coat. Apparently, no person - make that no one at all! - can take him. So totally unrealistic. (It's a good thing it's rated R; any kid who saw it would get the impression that you can take on a group of armed men and not get hurt.) Even someone with as much karate and weapons training as Seagal's character has would eventually get hurt.

If you're still wondering, Seagal is defending a small Kentucky town from a father and son criminal team who are dumping toxic waste in rivers that supply the town's water. Along the way, he falls in love with a supposed murderer. Not much of a plot here.

Country music fans might like it because it has nonstop country jingles and appearances by a few country singers. Personally, I found all the country music annoying and distracting from the plot (which wasn't worthwhile anyway, but that's beside the point). Not much of a country fan, I thought some heavy metal would have juiced up the scenes where Seagal is punching guys out left and right.

My Rating = Two Stars

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