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My Fellow Americans



My Fellow Americans
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My fellow Americans, I recommened that you see My Fellow Americans with Jack Lemmon and James Gardner. It's an hilarious film about two ex-presidents who are wrongfully blamed for a White House scandal - involving tax-payer's money, of course - known as the Olympia scandal. Longtime rivals, the two men are suddenly running for their lives - together! Along the way, they get in many funny, sticky situations, and of course, many arguments. But, as the movie wears on, they seem to accept each other a little bit more - in fact, they seem to become friends - well, sort of. Anyway, will they be blamed for the scandal, or will they find evidence that they are innocent and that the current president is really the guilty one? See this funny movie to enjoy the great talents of both James Gardner and Jack Lemmon.

I didn't stop laughing from the minute the movie started until the last big laugh at the end. It was a big Ha! Ha!

My Rating = Four Stars

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