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My Favorite Martian



My Favorite Martian
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My Favorite Martian is not my favorite movie. Actually, it's probably my least favorite. This idiotic rip-off of every alien movie to date is a miserable waste. Although I must admit I loved Men in Black, even though comedies about aliens generally don't grab me, My Favorite Martian is one of the poorest alien comedies, that I've seen recently.

A Martian lands on Earth and wreaks havoc in the life of Tim, a disgruntled TV reporter who can't get a decent assignment for anything and was just getting fired when the spaceship landed. Mr. Martian does lots of cute "Martian" things, like levitate ice cream cones, change shapes, and French-kiss Tim's love interest while pretending to be Tim. He even has a talking suit (give me a break). Also, he needs Tim's help to rebuild his spaceship so he can leave Earth. Meanwhile, Tim secretly takes video of his Martian for TV footage, thinking that this will be the story that makes him famous.

Watching My Favorite Martian is a mind-numbing experience. It's vastly unrealistic, and irritatingly dense. I'm not saying that the idea of a Martian landing on Earth is realistic to begin with, but come on, a talking suit? A movie's credibility depends not on whether it strays from reality, but how far it strays. I must confess that an hour and a half into this film, I just couldn't take any more. My dad, quite the intellectual, insisted that he had to stay and see how it ended. So, I abandoned him and slipped into Saving Private Ryan across the hall, until My Favorite Martian ended.

My Rating = One Star

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