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Father of the Bride Part II



Father of the Bride Part II
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Father of the Bride, Part II, a senselessly witty comedy, will provide some good laughs, even if it isn't the most brilliant movie to hit the silver screen.

George Banks (Steve Martin) is a little unnerved when his daughter announces she's pregnant - he doesn't consider himself old enough to be a grandparent. Trying to prove that he's still young, he gets a new haircut, sells his house, and seduces his wife on the kitchen floor. So she gets pregnant and now he's going to be having a baby and a grandbaby at almost the same time. George is horrified!

Also included, is the not-so-entertaining return of Frank (Martin Short) and his assistant (i.e., the two most irritating caterers on the silver screen). Their fake accents and constant yammering got on my nerves so much that I was tempted to fast-forward through their scenes.

Despite this minor annoyance, the movie is engaging, especially the scene where George faints upon finding out his wife is pregnant.

My Rating = Two Stars

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