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Father Hood



Father Hood
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Patrick Swayze is not a model father in the movie Father Hood. In fact, he's a positively crummy father when you get right down to it.

Swayze plays Jack Charles, a jailbird whose kids were put in state-run homes when their mother died. His teenage daughter escapes the abusive home where she lives, and convinces her now temporarily free father to pick up her younger brother too. At first he tries to dump them with his mother, but she's not exactly your usual cookie-baking old granny. To be more precise, she's a gambler and a cheat, the cops are after her too, and it's pretty obvious where Swayze got his less desirable traits.

So he ends up taking the kids to New Orleans with him, where he plans to pull off a big job that could set him up for life. While he often yells at his kids, and is probably corrupting them with his life of crime, he does do a few things right as a parent - he always reminds them to put on their seatbelts before breaking traffic laws or engaging in high - speed chases. And his intentions are good - he only brought them with him to keep them out of an abusive institution.

Although not the best comedy ever, Father Hood is quite entertaining, and worth watching. Swayze isn't my favorite actor - and what's with the Elvis-style hairdo he sports in this film? - but he was well cast in this role. Lively action scenes and funny capers keep the pace moving so the plot never slows down.

My Rating = Three Stars

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