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Family Man



The Family Man is hardly original (it's a modern It's a Wonderful Life, need I say more?) but I'll say this: It sure is predictable. Oh, wait, that's not a good point either. Hmm... There's got to be something entertaining in this movie - after all, they only spent a fortune promoting it...Wait, I've got it: Nicholas Cage is the star.

Now, I'm not saying The Family Man stinks - except for that diaper- changing scene. (Note to producers - the audience does not need to see so much of that dirty diaper, thanks. Don't they realize some people eat Milk Duds while they watch movies?) Cage is a terrific actor, and Family Man has some very laughable scenes. Doubtlessly it's doing well at the box office - but honestly, Family Man just doesn't have that flair that most blockbusters do.

Surprise, surprise! Cage plays a successful man who gets a "glimpse" of what his life could have been like - had he taken his girlfriend's advice thirteen years earlier and married her - instead of running to school in London. Instead of a rich Wall Street executive, he could have been a middle class family man (there's a shocker).

I liked the comic relief bits, and certainly enjoyed watching Nicholas Cage. Regardless, Family Man was uninspired and uninteresting in plot, and eventually grew tedious. I saw the end coming before I even saw the previews, and I don't have my own "psychic friends" 900 number. The best I can say for Family Man is: Nice try, but not quite.

My Rating = Two Stars

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