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Denzel Washington stars as John Hobbs, a cop fighting the forces of evil in Fallen a spooky and chilling, if not completely original, film.

Fallen angels, or evil spirits, pass from person to person by touch. A vicious killer was last inhabited by these evil spirits, and after he is sentenced to death, (thanks to Washington), he vows revenge. Washington digs up old police records, and talks to a mysterious young woman named Greta, in his search for the truth. Why are these recent murders so strangely similar? The killer draws closer and closer to Washington every second, endangering him and his family.

This film was wonderfully creepy, and the only problem was the theme song that each killer sang (Time is On my Side). I couldn't get that song out of my head when I came out of the theatre. I kept humming it and waiting for someone to bump into me and turn me into a crazed killer.

My Rating = Three Stars

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