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First, Usher was the most annoying singer on the radio. Then, when he first appeared on the soap The Bold and the Beautiful, he became the most annoying actor on television. Finally, with his motion picture debut in The Faculty, he has graduated to being the most annoying movie actor.

Fortunately, his part in this movie is small, but the other actors are just as irritating, although that's largely due to the highly flawed script. The Faculty wants desperately to be a serious, intense sci-fi film, yet fails miserably.

Elijah Wood plays the class geek who discovers a "new species" on the school football field (it appears to be some sort of amphibian). Later, he discovers that the school faculty is made of slimy space-alien zombies who obviously intend to take over the planet. Now, it's up to him to save the world, with some help from a few other classmates. They include the school drug dealer, the class snob, the loner lesbian, and a new girl from Atlanta, who is a total hick (her thick southern accent made my skin crawl).

The special effects, however, did not, although they were ridiculously overdone. It's quite evident that the screenwriters tried to give the characters depth, personality, and realism, but here they also failed miserably. Mixed with the alien plot, their personal problems and the psychological explanations offered for their personalities seemed out of place and silly.

My Rating = One Star

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