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Faceoff is an unrealistic, science fiction movie, but it's also quite possibly the best film of the summer (so far). John Travolta stars as FBI agent Sean Archer; Nicholas Cage as a terrorist killer named Castor Troy (who gunned down Archer's son six years earlier). In an action filled shootout, Archer manages to put Troy into a coma, only to learn that he has a new mission : to dismantle the bomb that Troy has hidden somewhere in L.A. To accomplish this, he must switch faces with Troy (I know you're thinking "yeah , right" but, hey, it's a movie- a science fiction thriller at that- what can I say?). The rest of the movie involves Archer's struggle to become Troy , and kill him. Then it's vice versa when Troy wakes up and discovers he's missing his face , he forces the skilled surgeon to put Archer's face ( which had been soaking in a saline solution) on him. Now, Troy is on a mission to kill Archer. The personality changes of the two men with new faces- especially Travolta's jaunty and cocky attitude with his family- are amusing- and realistic. Travolta did a great Nicolas Cage, and Cage wasn't a bad Travolta. If you can buy the "face switching", as I easily did, it becomes a fascinating movie and keeps you alert trying to remember that Cage is Travolta, and vice versa.

My Rating = Four Stars

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