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Eyes of an Angel



Eyes of an Angel
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Made during John Travolta's descent in popularity during the early eighties, the Eyes of an Angel is appropriately performed, although the plot is less than exceptional, and it suffers a little in keeping a lively pace.

Travolta plays Bobby, a single father on the run with his little girl after stealing money. In Chicago, his daughter finds a fierce looking but gentle dog who is entered in cruel dog fights, where the loser usually winds up killed or seriously wounded. Traveling on, chased by gangsters, they are followed quite a long way by the dog - and his owner. The dog is in danger of being entered in more races if he is found, and Bobby and his daughter could lose their lives as well.

This movie is a good bet for kids, especially those who are particularly fond of animals, although there is some bad language. Dog lovers might also enjoy it, but people more interested in gruesome horror movies or well-depicted musicals (like me) might find it rather tedious and boring.

My Rating = Two Stars

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