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Eyes Wide Shut



Eyes Wide Shut
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My mother and I went to Eyes Wide Shut mainly to see Tom Cruise's very handsome body. It's just a hunch, but since most of the other people in the theatre were female, I'm guessing this was a pretty big draw.

Cruise plays Dr.Bill Hartford, and his real-life wife Kidman stars opposite as Bill's wife, Alice. At the start of the film, they're both a little jealous of each other. (They separate at a party, and immediately members of the opposite sex start hitting on both of them.) But Bill becomes very jealous when a decidedly stoned Alice confesses that she's seriously considered cheating on him at least once.

Angry, Bill follows a hooker home, only to change his mind about sleeping with her. He then heads to an orgy instead.

Nicole Kidman bares it all - in fact, she struts around naked in at least half her scenes. Several other women in the movie flash their bare bodies around, too - but, with the exception of a few scenes, Tom Cruise spends relatively little time with his clothes off. Eyes Wide Shut started promisingly enough, but it ended up being a little disappointing.

My Rating = Two Stars

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