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Eye of the Beholder
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To say the least, Eye of the Beholder is an unusual movie.

Ashley Judd plays a killer who murders all her boyfriends. Ewan McGregor plays a British spy who watches her while he talks to an imaginary child. (His own wife and daughter disappeared a few years earlier.) McGregor is sort of like James Bond without the attitude - washed out and colorless.

Meanwhile, Judd goes around murdering her significant others. Shortly before murdering one boyfriend, she tells him that her sign is Pisces; she always wears a Pisces pendant around her neck.

If you know anything about astrology, you'll notice that the film itself is a very Piscean/Neptunian movie. The imaginary people, illusions, and strangely shifting camera work are all Piscean themes.

As for Judd's character, she does act like a Pisces, but I'd say she probably has a strong Scorpio influence in her chart as well - most likely Scorpio Moon. (That's where the secretive, sneaky stuff and her haunted past come in.)

At any rate, I enjoyed Eye of the Beholder. This movie isn't your standard Hollywood offering; while some people may find it pointless, I liked the originality and the well-painted characters.

It's true that the ending is a little disappointing, and the whole movie is rather confusing. (I found it difficult to figure out what was real and what the characters were imagining.)

Audio VersionHowever, I thought the acting was terrific, and Eye of the Beholder certainly wasn't dull. Nor was the plot predictable; I didn't see where this one was going. And the artsy camera work really added to the film.

My Rating = Three Stars

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