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Ever After



Ever After
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When updating Romeo and Juliet, filmmakers made an enjoyable modern version of this several hundred year old love story. Unfortunately, Hollywood didn't fare quite as well with Ever After, the slightly altered but, unfortunately, still humdrum version of the old Cinderella fairy tale.

The main stars certainly don't measure up to Leonardo DiCaprio or Claire Danes. Instead, Drew Barrymore is an adequate Cinderella, and Dougray Scott - he's no DiCaprio - is the prince. Cinderella is stuck, as usual, slaving around doing chores for her wicked stepmother, until she meets the prince while trying to buy back a servant. She runs into him a few more times, pretending to be a rich countess, and naturally, they fall in love.

Everybody who views Ever After" will know exactly what is going to happen.

A few of the scenes were entertaining, and it was rather amusing to watch the wicked stepmother get her due, but this movie just didn't seem worth my time. I later realized that the only reason the previews seemed appealing was because they featured great popular songs - no doubt a ploy to draw teens to this movie. My advice: skip the movie and just buy the soundtrack.

My Rating = Two Stars

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