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Although not without flaws, Entrapment is a surprisingly entertaining action film.

Sean Connery plays Mac, one of the world's greatest crooks: He steals the most expensive things he can find with apparent ease and cleverness. Catherine Zeta-Jones is an insurance investigator who decides to entrap Mac, figuring that she can use her womanly wiles to trap him (unfortunately, her attempts to seduce him fail). However, he does allow her to help him commit several large-scale robberies, after she tells him she is also a thief. While she thinks he believes her, he secretly knows what she's up to, and apparently has a trap set for her (his crooked FBI agent friend helps). Meanwhile, he is attracted to her - and vice versa- although for a while they "keep it strictly business".

Nicely plotted, this film features lots of action with fantastic stunt-work to keep the pace moving. I enjoyed all the actors, but I would have preferred a younger, sexier male lead instead of Connery. Of course, I can see how the plot was built around an old, experienced crook, but I'm sure a better looking fifty or sixty-year-old actor could be found (I was thinking that Harrison Ford would be terrific in this role). Overall, however, I found this film quite engrossing and lively.

My Rating = Three Stars

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