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The English Patient



The English Patient
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Although I seldom enjoy historical fiction movies, The English Patient ranks up there with Titanic for historical romance movies that remain both entertaining and original.

Juliette Binoche plays Hana, a World War II nurse caring for the English Patient (Ralph Fiennes). Found in the desert, scarred beyond recognition and suffering from amnesia, this patient has only one clue to his past: a book which was found with him. Paging through this book, he begins having flashbacks of things that happened to him, and the story of his affair with a married woman (Kristin Scott Thomas) begins to slowly unfold.

Cleverly done, this film doesn't give you the whole story all at once, but gives you a lot to mull over while it slowly unravels. The end is original enough to make it one of those stories that sticks with you - I saw it in theatres early last year and haven't forgotten a detail yet.

My Rating = Three Stars

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