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Enemy of the State



Enemy of the State
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Although I'm usually not big on action movies, I thoroughly enjoyed Enemy of the State. Maybe it's because Enemy of the State is the first Will Smith movie I've seen that doesn't involve him kicking some slimy alien's butt. Or maybe Enemy of the State is just an intensely portrayed action movie.

Smith plays Dean, a D.C. lawyer who is buying his wife lingerie when he runs into an old friend from college. Without Dean's knowledge his old friend, who quickly pleads with Dean to help him and runs off, slips a tape into Dean's shopping bag. This tape shows a senator being murdered, and obviously that's why he too is murdered. Dean is left wondering why everyone is suddenly after his life, too.

While running from his enemies - who have top-of-the-line surveillance equipment and can see every move he makes from miles away - Dean runs into an ex-government secret agent (Gene Hackman). Hackman helps Dean try to outsmart the guys after him.

Just a warning: Paranoids beware! Don't see this film if you're already convinced everyone is spying on you. Even a sane person might end up thinking everyone is out to get him after seeing this film! Still, I loved this movie and highly recommend it - just don't leave your Prozac at home if you're really paranoid!

My Rating = Three Stars

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