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Enemy at the Gates



Enemy at the Gates
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Enemy at the Gates is a tedious and confusing historical World War II movie.

The World War II battle at Stalingrad, between the Russians and the Germans, is depicted complete with uninteresting characters and less than amazing plot twists. However, the main character, a young Russian countryman emerges from the rubble of this battle and is hailed as a hero because he quickly kills several important Nazis - one after another - with his sharp-shooting skills . (His friend is behind the publicity, which is undoubtedly good for everyone on the Russian side of the war.)

The Nazis don't like public embarrassment, so they send a highly skilled general to personally kill the now famous young Russian sharpshooter - thus creating good publicity for the Nazis.

Obviously, one of these guys has to die. Throughout the movie they struggle, and the chase becomes too lengthy as they keep outwitting each other, in turn. Eventually, the plot reaches its rather obvious conclusion.

Enemy at the Gates is not original (perhaps that's because it was based on a true story). However, a movie that makes you yawn is not forgivable for any reason. Plus, I spent half the movie trying to figure out who was who. (I guess it might have helped if I paid more attention to my history courses in school - but in my defense, American history courses pretty much focus on the American part in the war.) And apparently the American troops weren't fighting in Russia when this particular story happened.

At any rate, Enemy at the Gates has a few good action scenes, but basically fails to be entertaining. This one is for history buffs only.

My Rating = Two Stars

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