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Highlander: End Game



Highlander: End Game
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Highlander: End Game is a mess of a movie. It starts out like a bad soap opera set in the 1500's, then turns into a bad martial arts movie...which leads into a bad sci-fi/fantasy/horror flick...which ends up being a bad soap opera again. The operative word in all of this is "bad".

Ok, the main characters are a bunch of immortals, but no real explanation is given - they're not vampires. They don't have any special powers or limitations. They're just regular people - who can't die. In fact, that disappointed me, because I assumed this movie was about vampires - they mentioned the word "immortals" in the previews, and that's usually how they describe vampire flicks too. Way misleading - and unfair to viewers.

Anyway two of these immortals get in a big fight - naturally, one of them is evil, the other good. Now that's original. The good guy has to beat the bad guy in order to save the world. Never heard of that before, huh?

I didn't care for the plot or characters of Highlander: End Game, and this film didn't have too many redeeming merits either. Unless you like crummy movies, don't bother with this one.

My Rating = One Star

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