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Empire Strikes Back



Empire Strikes Back
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The "Empire" apparently didn't strike back hard enough for me. Call me weird, but none of the Star Wars movies appeal to me - Empire Strikes Back included. A bunch of ugly alien monsters, a beautiful princess, and two brave male heroes have it out on the silver screen - way out in space. You know what? I think that's sexist and old fashioned. Why is Luke Skywalker always saving Princess Leia's life? Why can't it be vice versa? And why do those Star Wars movies have to have sadistically happy endings? And someone please, please bring me some aspirin: not only are moviegoers forced to swallow that , but also with the return of R2D2 and C3PO - the two most annoying hunks of scrap metal I've ever seen or heard , it makes this movie dreadful.

The characters were totally unrealistic; the plot old fashioned and silly; the entire movie was a waste of time, talent and energy.

My Rating = One Star

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