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EDTV is an hysterical movie about a poor working slob named Ed - who makes it big.

Ed (Matthew McConaughey) is chosen to be on TV all day, in a concept similar to The Truman Show (except Truman didn't know he was on camera, and Ed agrees to the setup). Soon, cameras are following him around day and night - and he becomes enormously popular and famous.

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, his newfound fame only serves to ruin his life. Every detail of Ed's life is now scrutinized by the American public. Shari, his new girlfriend can't stand being criticized by the press, so she ditches him and moves away. His father, who had left when Ed was twelve, now returns to meet his famous son. Ed's relationships with his mother and brother also fall apart (his brother even writes a book to badmouth Ed).

I laughed all the way through EDTV, and I immensely enjoyed this film. It was funny, Matthew McConaughey and all the other actors were excellent, and the plot was original.

My Rating = Four Stars

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