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The Edge



The Edge
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Although I'd expected that The Edge would keep me on "the edge" of my seat, it just didn't happen.

Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins), a billionaire and avid reader, is on a photo shoot at a remote Antarctic Island, with his beautiful, model wife, Mickey (Elle MacPherson), who is quite obviously having an affair with her photographer Steve (Alec Baldwin). In the pursuit of a "great photo", Charles, Steve, and Steve's assistant, James, embark on an unexpected plane ride (along with two pilots), and when the plane goes down, (The pilot had been warned to watch for flocks of birds, but didn't!) only Charles, Steve, and James survive the crash. Hence, they are left with only their wits to survive on (At one point they have to kill a grizzly bear with wooden spears! I thought that scene would never end; it was so lengthy!).

I soon realized that "The Edge" was more of a character portrayal than a suspense story. It shows how two men would react in a perilous situation, but billionaire Charles Morse just didn't appeal to me.

Neither did "The Edge".

My Rating = Two Stars

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