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Easy Money



Easy Money
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Easy Money is an adroitly comical movie about a man trying to earn some decisively not easy money.

That would be Marty (Rodney Dangerfield) a baby photographer who is, well, not in his mother-in-law's best graces. When she kicks the bucket he learns that she had some very unusual specifications in her will: he (and his family) will receive the bulk of her million dollar estate in one year only if he stops drinking, smoking, doing drugs, cheating on his wife, and gambling - plus loses weight.

Easier said than done. With some support from his younger daughter, and just the opposite from his friends, Marty tries to clean up his act, but doesn't know if he can make it an entire year. Meanwhile, there is an amusing subplot about his newlywed daughter and her husband, whom Marty doesn't like. During a meeting,Marty has to make an appearance at the department store that he will own if he makes it the whole year.

Easy Money was an easy film to enjoy, and I laughed the whole way through, as there was never a dull moment.

My Rating = Three Stars

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