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Dumb and Dumber



Dumb and Dumber
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Dumb and Dumber is a cleverly capricious film about two dumb guys. Harry and Lloyd are broke and Lloyd is in love with a woman who would never in a million years fall for him. She's married, she lives halfway across the country, and Lloyd just screwed up her attempt to pay ransom for her kidnapped husband. No problem. Lloyd and Harry just pack up and follow her to Aspen, her hometown.

Don't tell me how stupid this is. I know. That's what makes it laughable. You have to know how to pull the plug on your brain and just sit back and enjoy a movie like this. If you can't do that, you won't realize how brilliantly - yes, brilliantly - written this comedy is. In my opinion, a screenwriter has to be smart to write a stupid -and truly funny -comedy.

My Rating = Four Stars

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