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Duck Soup



Duck Soup
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Duck Soup, despite being a popular Marx Brothers classic, is just plain pointless.

Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho Marx, what kind of a name is that?) is appointed the new leader of the imaginary country, Freedonia. A wealthy and powerful woman has lent the government money, on the condition that he be appointed leader - she's his romantic interest, in case you hadn't guessed. Well, Firefly is a complete idiot, and does one dense thing after another. His driver Pinky (Harpo Marx) - who always manages to leave him behind - and his driver's friend Chiccolini (Chico Marx) are just as bad. They annoy a peanut vendor apparently for the fun of it - even destroying his property. If people really did that they could be sent to jail! I know this movie was made in the thirties, but didn't they have laws back then?

There's hardly any plot to speak of, but I did get the impression that this was supposed to be a very early form of a political comedy. All the so-called "actors" simply "act" like imbeciles, which doesn't strike me as a very difficult thing to do. It's no wonder they didn't get paid as much in the thirties as actors today are paid!

My Rating = One Star

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