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Drowning Mona
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What do you do when a woman hated by everyone is murdered? After all, you've got suspects aplenty. Danny DeVito plays a small-town sheriff faced with this dilemma in Drowning Mona, a fairly funny comedy/mystery.

Bette Midler plays Mona, the recently murdered generally despised woman.

The suspects: DeVito's daughter (Neve Campbell), who wants to celebrate when she learns Mona is dead; Campbell's fiance, whose landscaping business with Mona's son would be much more pleasurable - and profitable- without Mona. Let's not forget that Mona's husband was cheating on her with a waitress (Jamie Lee Curtis), so they both become suspects too. Mona's only son also hated his dear old mom - another suspect.

Audio VersionThe mystery was intriguing, but Drowning Mona wasn't quite as laughable as expected. Some scenes were comical, but the best part was the previews. The acting is, for the most part, convincing, and the cast is talented.

My Rating = Three Stars

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