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In Dreams



In Dreams
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Recently, I read a book about dreams - supposedly, dreams are the vehicle your subconscious uses to tell you things. So if you dream about dogs, you feel that someone is being disloyal to you. If you dream about butterflies, you feel happy and prosperous. If you dream about crazed psycho killers coming after you - to the point that you slit your own wrists- you belong in the loony bin.

Actually, that last example didn't come out of a book - I simply came to that assumption while watching In Dreams, in which Annette Benning stars as Claire Cooper, a woman who has some serious nightmares. In her precognitive dreams, she sees psycho killer Vivian Thompson (Robert Downey Jr.) murdering children - including her own daughter. (Why is it that Vivian is the name stuck on all characters of less than honorable reputation? First, Julia Roberts played a hooker named Vivian in Pretty Woman; now Robert Downey Jr. is a killer named Vivian. How could my parents have done this to me?) Eventually, she does indeed end up in the funny farm - although her dreams of deadly premonitions are not only real, but extremely accurate.

The best way to describe In Dreams would be to say that it's a very weird movie. In some ways, it is not particularly well - scripted - some of the scenes are terribly overdone. On the other hand, it is fast paced and was strangely captivating, for a movie that was so loosely plotted. The acting was terrific, and if nothing else, In Dreams was certainly intense. It starts out subtly spooky, a wonderful way to build suspense in films, but then it rapidly segues into a downward spiral of blood, gore, and deep psychological probing. As I was waiting in the insufferably long bathroom line after seeing In Dreams, I heard a woman remark that the movie was "a wild ride". Not a bad way of putting it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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