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I Dreamed of Africa
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I Dreamed of Africa is a pointless, uninteresting drama about - what else - African wildlife.

Kim Basinger plays Kuki, a divorced Italian woman with a young son, Emmanuel. She marries Paolo, an adventuresome wanderlust who talks her into following him to Africa. Living in a broken-down hovel that somehow passes for a building, they encounter varied exotic animals - a lion kills their dog, Kuki chases an elephant out of her garden, Emmanuel finds himself a new pet python. (I once saw a hungry python choke a chicken to death at a petting zoo, and I don't think I'd want one of those things for a pet. They may not be poisonous, but they can literally squeeze someone to death if you forget to feed them.)

Audio VersionI Dreamed of Africa is slow-moving and uninteresting. If you want to watch exotic African animals romp around, don't waste your money on this film - there are nature shows aplenty on TV. And truthfully, the animals in this movie turn out to be as interesting as the ones in Disney cartoons. And they're still more fun than the human characters.

My Rating = Two Stars

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