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Dracula 2000



Dracula 2000
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Although Wes Craven has produced superior movies in the past (Scream, for example), Dracula 2000 is still a captivating movie for horror fans.

The plot is basically yet another version of Dracula (you'd think he was the only vampire ever written about), with modern twists. A rich old man guards Dracula's coffin - he keeps it buried deep in an ultra-protected vault. Too bad his enterprising and scheming employees manage to break into the vault.

Of course, they weren't expecting to find a vampire in the coffin - I think cash and other valuable assets were the main treasure they expected to find! At any rate, they finally open the tightly locked coffin and unleash -guess who, it's everybody's favorite vampire!- Dracula.

As you might surmise, Dracula escapes and starts drinking blood - wow, who would have expected him to do that? He also searches for the rich old man's daughter, who he wants to transform into a vampire. (Why didn't they just make this movie Bride of Dracula? Hey, it worked for Frankenstein.)

The stupidity of the characters provides good comic relief. At one point, a character we'll call "Einstein" sticks his head all the way down into the coffin so he can get a better look at the rotting corpse of Dracula. Is it any wonder leeches leap into his eyes and Dracula suddenly attacks Einstein?

Don't take my sarcastic criticism of Dracula 2000 the wrong way - I enjoyed this movie. Hey, horror movies were never meant to be realistic - although originality would be nice. As I mentioned earlier, the script's lack of intelligent characters or scenes makes for good comedy. In spite of its few flaws, I have to recommend Dracula 2000 for horror fans.

My Rating = Three Stars

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