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Down and Out in Beverly Hills



Down and Out in Beverly Hills
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Richard Dreyfuss is dryly witty as a not so happy Beverly Hills affluent businessman in Down and Out in Beverly Hills.P His character, is the head of your typical dysfunctional family. His daughter never eats - she's apparently anorexic- and his son makes videos displaying his present emotional state - Anger. His wife (Bette Midler) is obviously bored in their marriage, and he's sleeping with their young housekeeper. One day, a stranger (Nick Nolte) wanders into his backyard and tries to kill himself by falling into the pool. Dreyfuss saves the man's life, and offers to let the homeless man, Jerry, stay at their mansion. Soon Jerry is causing tons of trouble - making up outlandish lies- which Dreyfuss and his family naively buy- and eating on the floor with the dog. EWWWWWW!!! When Dreyfuss's daughter returns from college, she falls for Jerry. She tells him this right after his son shows up at an important New Year's Party dressed like a woman. The look of comic despair on Dreyfuss's face is perfect.

And just when you think nothing else could go wrong for this poor guy - he attacks Jerry and they wind up in the pool together. His Japanese dinner guests think this is some sort of American tradition and hop in with them, soon followed by everyone else. Little Richard makes a small but loud cameo appearance throughout the film as a record producer neighbor.

My Rating = Three Stars

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