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Down to You
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You know a teen movie is bad when the most interesting characters are the parents.

Unfortunately, that's just the case with Down to You. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Stiles play the two romantic leads, college students who fall in love with each other - and eventually break up. (Like the audience would never see that coming.) Later, also predictably, Prinze decides he wants her back.

As I said, Prinze's father (Henry Winkler), a TV chef, and his mother, a deejay, provide the only amusement in this movie. Prinze and Stiles' relationship certainly isn't fascinating; they have no chemistry. I constantly knew what these two characters were going to say and do long before they said it.

And I got awfully tired of watching Prinze's slow grin spread across his face. (Apparently, he is capable of only one facial expression.) I think he's trying to look like he's in love. He looks like an idiot.

Audio VersionAt any rate, Down to You is a boring, blatant, ridiculous romantic comedy that fails to be either romantic or comedic. I've seen funnier and more romantic scenes in TV commercials.

My Rating = One Stars

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