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Mrs. Doubtfire



Mrs. Doubtfire
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Mrs. Doubtfire is a nutty comedy in which Robin Williams dresses up as a woman and one ridiculous scene soon follows another.

After his divorce, Daniel (Robin Williams), hardly ever sees his kids. His ex-wife (Sally Fields) is awarded sole custody of their three children, but poor Daniel only gets one visit per week. Unable to spend so much time away from his kids, devoted dad Daniel disguises himself as an elderly woman and tricks his ex-wife into giving him a job as his kids' nanny. In one hilarious scene, Daniel runs from room to room, taking turns being Mrs. Doubtfire and himself. In another, he enters the women's room as Mrs. Doubtfire and exits as himself - a thirtyish year old man. In yet another he tries to cook a meal and winds up not only making a huge mess, but burns his blouse and silicon-filled bra. He also finds sneaky ways to drive his ex wife's new boyfriend (sexy Pierce Brosnan) away.

Eventually, his two older kids find out who he is, but promise not to tell. Meanwhile, as Mrs. Doubtfire, he has an exciting career opportunity (he's an actor).

See this amusing family movie for lots of laughs.

My Rating = Three Stars

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