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Dr. Dolittle



Dr. Dolittle
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Eddie Murphy must be big on the pursuit of science. In 1996's The Nutty Professor he played the title role, and now, once again, he portrays the haphazardly Dr. Dolittle.

John Dolittle hasn't used his gift for talking to animals since he was a small child. Now, a successful doctor whose hospital is being faced with an important buyout decision, he certainly doesn't plan to start. But it seems he has no choice - after accidentally injuring a dog, he suddenly finds all the animals talking to him again - they won't leave him alone for a split second! One animal or another interrupts him during important business meetings, romantic moments with his wife, and quality time with his kids. After being caught giving a rat mouth-to-mouth by his shocked wife and colleagues, John is sent to a mental hospital. Now he's really angry at the animals, as you can imagine. But he still wants to help a tiger that needs brain surgery, and alcoholic monkey, and all the other troubled animals (although at first he begs them to leave him alone).

Murphy's portrayal of John Dolittle is believable and funny, and subplots add to the relevancy of the plot. Although I enjoyed The Nutty Professor a little better, it's a pretty close call.

My Rating = Three Stars

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