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Dirty Work



Dirty Work
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Dirty Work is a borderline, okay-but-not-great, average movie.

Norm MacDonald plays a lazy slacker who can't hold a job - or keep a girlfriend. When his best friend's father has a heart attack, a not so sensitive doctor (Chevy Chase) flatly informs them "If I were a betting man, I'd bet my last dollar he was going to die". The old man is simply too old to be considered for a heart transplant - unless the good doctor pulls some illegal strings. For this favor, he asks only $50,000 (to pay the bookies he owes).

MacDonald and his friend start their own business, Dirty Work, to do people's "dirty work". In other words, they get revenge for people by pulling juvenile practical jokes that would get them into serious trouble with the law in real life.

This material is amusing for a little while, but there really isn't enough plot and substance to constitute making a movie from this weak premise. The acting is serviceable, but without any big Hollywood names, this film is sure to go straight to video. Chevy Chase's crass character is the best part of this movie, if that tells you anything.

My Rating = Two Stars

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